September 10, 1889.

September 10th.

This morning we took a cab and went to find our Bankers Hottenguer and Co. They were very polite. We registered and gave our address until further notice, and then with “Bon Jour” we left for the Exposition. On our way we rode through the gardens of the Tuelleries, and were so perfectly entranced that we could hardly breathe. The Palace surrounds the Gardens. The whole occupying two enormous squares in the heart of Paris. These gardens are filled with the most magnificent flowers, shrubs and plants of a color, and beauty and tropical magnificence unsurpassed. As I rode by the Palace, whih is one series of magnificent buildings surrounding the garden on three sides, my mind wandered to the Louis’ and specifically the 16th and Royal Marie Antoinette and her misfortunes, then to the Napoleons and the Royal Court held in those times, and I could but feel how great the fall of Kings and how great the elevation of the People. Now they are occupied for Government Buildings.

We passed through the Arch-de-Triumph across the Seine to the Grand Exposition. We made a mistake and landed first in the Oriental Department. This was most fascinating and picturesque. Turks in Turkish costumes everywhere. The Mosque looming up, and filled with all kinds of knicknacks for sale. Music, dancing etc. filled the evening, and we came home in time, a lovely dinner awaiting us. The Salon was bright with flowers. Madam and Monsieur received us with “Bon Sur, Madam Burnett”, “Bon Sur, Madamoiselle Burnett”, and altogether made us feel very much at home. I have learned in this short time that the French know how to live as we do not dream of.


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