September 24, 1889

Sept. 24th.

This being Lilian’s birthday we took a cab and went to Neuelly to see her, carrying a beautiful doll from the exposition, some grapes, chocolate, ribbons and material for making dolls clothes, and the dear children were so happy to see us. Lilian cried but “Punk” was courageous as a lion and has never flinched one iota at going into a strange school where there is nothing but French spoken. Lilian says she does not like it, but I am sure she will when the school opens. Their governess is a lovely girl, charming in her manners, speaking English French and German. She says the little girls are charming and full of fun and life. I shall go again Saturday and bring them home for Sunday. I am sure there is nothing in this world that will be as beneficial for the children as this school. They will come home entirely different, and so sweet that even Carl will love them.

[Carl was another of Addie’s children. As usual, Addie misspelled Neuilly, one of the nearest suburbs of Paris, close to where Addie and Jennie were staying.]

[This entry is a good part of why I believe the two undated entries just ahead of it may have actually been written after it and placed out of order in the diary copy that has come down to me. This entry’s date is soon after the last dated entry and this entry also appears to be referencing future events that occur slightly earlier in the diary despite not having occurred yet in this entry. I believe the visit to Au Bon Marché, which happened in the undated entry just before this one, is the upcoming children’s visit that Addie is discussing here, particularly since the other entry says it is from a Saturday and this entry says they will go get the children on the coming Saturday. These out-of-order entries are also part of why I suspect I inherited a transcription of the diary.]


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