Sunday, September ?, 1889

Sunday Sept.——–

This morning we took the children to the English church where Madame Thavenet’s school attend. Soon the young ladies filed in, teacher in front and back. When ended Liliand Win went off with the school. Miss. Grant, General Grant’s niece leading Lilian by the hand and her cousin leading Winifred. They got intoclose carriages and drove off to Nuvelly, which I believe I told you is just outside the gates of Paris. I am so far delighted with the school and think the result of this year will benefit them all their life long.

[This is most likely referencing Sunday, September 25th, since the children were with Addie, but since these entries seem out of order and some of them are undated, I cannot say for sure.]

[As longtime readers know, Lilian and Winifred were attending Madame Thavenet’s boarding school; here is a real photo postcard of some of the girls at the school when it was run by both Madames Thavenet and Taylor. As usual, Addie (and/or the probable transcriber) misspelled Neuilly.]

[As American readers probably already have guessed, “General Grant” is referencing U. S. Civil War leader and then U. S. president Ulysses S. Grant. By the time Addie was in Paris, Grant had died. According to the genealogy posted at the U. S. Grant Presidential Library site, a number of Grant family members lived in various places in Europe at various times in the late 1800’s and earliest 1900’s, but the page doesn’t fully flesh out the later generations so I’m not sure which ones Addie was referencing.]


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