Cast of Characters

This list is by no means all-inclusive, but strives to include frequently mentioned people to help viewers read and understand the diary.

Jennie. Addie’s oldest daughter, a teenager when they were living in Paris.

Lilly. Addie’s middle daughter, who was 10 years old when they arrived in Paris.

Winnie. Addie’s youngest daughter, who was 8 years old when they arrived in Paris.

Madam and Monsieur. Without further modifiers, this usually refers to the couple in whose building Addie and Jennie were living. They seem to have run a building of long-term housing for expatriates; according to the diary, the building was located on Boulevard Houssmann. Almost all of the people staying there were American or English.

Professor. Like Madam and Monsieur, he is typically not referenced by name in the diary. He was the only person staying at their building who wasn’t American or English, but the diary doesn’t appear to note his nationality.

Gascoyne friends [variant spellings]. La Gascogne was the ship on which they travelled to France.


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