Map of Paris in 1889

Hearty thanks to Old Maps of Paris for locating and posting this out-of-copyright map; a number of sites note detailed maps of Paris such as this one were made because of the Exposition Universelle de 1889. Boulevard Haussmann (spelled Hausmann here), where Addie and Jennie were staying, is in the upper left section of the map, running (relatively horizontal) between Arrondissments 8 and 9. Boulevard Haussmann runs a bit above the Madeleine Church, which is one of the sites shown on this map as a building resembling what the actual building looked like. Since Addie does not list an exact address, I am trying to figure out approximately where they were staying on the Boulevard through using Addie’s discussions of how far it took from home when they walked to specific sites. I am working on a way that I will be able to noticeably highlight some locations of interest to diary readers on this map that already has so many highlights. In the meantime, you can click on the map to view a (much) larger version on-site, or visit Old Maps of Paris for a zoomable version.

1889 Map of Paris


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  1. Iva P.
    Sep 03, 2013 @ 03:45:08

    What a find! As I write about 19th century Paris both on my blog and in my novels, I’m adding this post to my favorites.
    Victorian Paris


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